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Best Online Dog Training Courses: Any Dog Will Love

Best Online Dog Training Courses

What are the Best Online Dog Training Courses of 2023?

The Top 3 Best Online Dog Training Courses: Any Dog Will Love of 2023 in our experience are:

  1. SpiritDog Training
  2. K9 Training Institute
  3. Brain Training For Dogs

Why? All will be revealed as you read on, however, out of the 15 Top Best Online Dog Training Courses that we reviewed below, most are fantastic for online training your beloved dog. Some are better than others but you’ll quickly see that many have their strengths and weaknesses, with varying programs to suit you.

The digital age has undeniably revolutionized countless sectors of our daily lives, and surprisingly, even the world of dog training hasn’t been left untouched. Searching for online dog training can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack, especially given the plethora of options available today. But fret not, for this year, online dog training offerings are paving the way for some truly standout contenders that have caught our attention.

Having dove deep into reviewing and dissecting 15 esteemed online platforms and dog trainers, we’ve zeroed in on those that genuinely raise the bar and can be called simply, best online. Indeed, as you embark on this rewarding journey of training your furry companion, it’s imperative to have the right resources by your side.

Which are the best dog trainers?

So, which ones have stood out the most? Taking into account factors such as content quality, user experience, relationship program, structure, and overall effectiveness, three names have consistently topped the charts as we mentioned above. SpiritDog Training emerges as a front-runner, closely followed by the K9 Training Institute and Brain Training For Dogs. Each of these courses, in their unique way, provides unparalleled insights and techniques that harmoniously blend the science and art of dog training.

Dive in, as we delve deeper into why these platforms are revered as the best online dog training courses of this year, providing valuable insights and guidance to foster a strong relationship bond between you and your four-legged friend.

Our Top 3 Picks

SpiritDog Training

  • Best overall
  • Comprehensive tried and tested courses
  • Plenty of variety and support
  • 60-day Money-back guarantee

K9 Training Institute

  • Comprehensive online dog training
  • Workshops led by one of the most respected dog behaviorists in the U.S.
  • Free Workshop

Brain Training For Dogs

  • Best low cost online dog training programs
  • CPDT-KA certified dog trainer
  • Wide range of programs
  • High success rates

Table of Contents

7 Reasons to Consider Online Dog Training Courses

1. Affordability

Online dog training courses typically cost much less than in-person private sessions or group classes. Plus, with the primary caregiver being the trainer, the training can sometimes yield even better results. Plus online classes in most cases always yield great results too.

2. Convenience

No need to travel or adjust to a specific location—an online dog training course can be accessed from the comfort of your home, or anywhere with an internet connection. A training school in your lounge!

3. Flexibility

Life can be unpredictable. Online dog training courses give you the freedom to progress at your own rate, fitting seamlessly into your unique schedule.

4. Comprehensive Coverage

Online classes provide a wide range of topics, from basic housetraining and obedience commands to complex behavior modifications. A course to suit every need and requirement.

5. Consistent Updates

The digital nature of online courses allows for regular updates, ensuring you always have access to the latest training techniques, the best dog trainers and best practices for your canine companion.

6. Interactive Engagement

Many online courses come equipped with chatrooms or forums, offering a space for immediate feedback from experts and a platform to engage with fellow pet owners. In these forums you can even learn from other dog owners on proven tips and tricks for specific breeds within the dog training programs.

7. Enjoyment

Top-tier online classes captivate both owners and pets with engaging videos and interactive lessons, making the training process enjoyable and exciting.

Why Many FREE Online Dog Training Courses Don't Work

Have you ever heard the saying, “You get what you pay for”? Well, when it comes to the vast sea of free online dog training courses, this adage rings particularly true. But why? Let’s dive in, shall we?

Pros of Free Courses:

  1. No Initial Cost: Indeed, a major pro as you don’t shell out a penny upfront for any content. Tempting, isn’t it?
  2. Easy Access: Just a few clicks, and voila! A plethora of training videos and articles are at your disposal.
  3. Variety: From basic commands to unique tricks, there’s a wide range on offer.

However, and it’s a big however, these advantages often come with substantial drawbacks when looking at any online dog training program.

Cons of Free Courses:

  1. Lack of Structure: While you might stumble upon some valuable nuggets of information, many free courses and online classes lack a structured curriculum. You’re left to piece together disparate advice, leading to potential confusion for both you and your furry friend.
  2. No Support: Who do you turn to when things don’t go as planned and you have issues? Often, these courses offer no direct line of communication with professionals.
  3. Outdated Techniques: The world of dog training evolves. Regrettably, many free platforms don’t keep pace. A quality dog training course costs money to produce, and a big issue is most ‘free’ dog trainers simply don’t have the resources, nor the stamina to keep updating their techniques and content regularly. You risk relying on outdated, and sometimes, harmful techniques.

But wait, before you abandon the idea of online training altogether, have you considered the best online dog training courses? The ones that come with a price tag but promise so much more? A training school that actually works? Let’s uncover the hidden gems within.

Benefits of Paid Courses:

  1. Expertise on Demand: A trusted, paid course is typically helmed by professionals with a proven track record. Their expertise becomes your asset.
  2. Continuous Updates: As the field advances, so does the course content. Thus, you always receive the latest, and consequently, the best advice.
  3. Interactive Learning: Many of the best online dog training courses come with forums, chatrooms, or even one-on-one sessions, bridging the gap between virtual and real-life training. When an issue arises, more often than not, someone will have the right answer for you.
  4. Structured Curriculum: No piecemeal advice here. A well-laid-out course ensures your dog’s learning is incremental, comprehensive, and consistent.

In conclusion, while the allure of free courses is undeniable, remember: the foundation of your dog’s training is critical. Investing in the best online dog and/or puppy training courses is an investment in your pet’s future. Why compromise?

Choosing the Best Online Dog Training Course: What to Look For

In a world overflowing with digital resources, how does one discern the chaff from the grain? Especially when it comes to training your beloved canine companion, you shouldn’t leave things to chance. So, if you’re on the hunt for a quality online dog training course, keep an eagle eye out for these essential features:

  1. Qualified Instructor: It’s essential to not just take anyone’s word for it. Look for online dog training led by seasoned trainers or behaviorists, those who have delved deep into the science and art of dog training. Their credentials will be your guiding star, ensuring that your dog gets the gold-standard online training he deserves.
  2. Clarity in Presentation: Time is of the essence so a well-designed course shouldn’t have you rummaging through cluttered information. Seek out those dog trainers that offer clear, concise video and text lessons. A streamlined user experience will avoid potential issues and aid both your learning and application.
  3. Diverse Training Techniques: Dogs, like us, have unique personalities so what works wonders for one puppy might fall flat for another. Therefore, a top-notch training course should cover a spectrum of training methodologies, offering flexibility and a tailored approach for your pet.
  4. Satisfaction Guaranteed: Lastly, but certainly not least, the best dog training course should stand firm behind their quality. A Money-Back Guarantee isn’t just a policy; it’s a statement. It says, “We believe in our product.” So, if the course doesn’t resonate with you, you should have the peace of mind to reclaim your investment.

To sum it up, navigating the myriad of online training courses can be a tad overwhelming. However, armed with the right criteria, you’re all set to make an informed decision, ensuring good health and a harmonious and well-trained bond with your four-legged friend.

Top 15 Best Online Dog Training Courses

1. Spirit Dog Training

  • Best overall, comprehensive tried and tested courses with plenty of variety and support. Plus, a 60-day Money-back guarantee

There’s an abundance of online dog training courses to choose from, but one of our personal favorites is SpiritDog Training.

Considering diving into the vast world of dog training online? Well, there’s one name that’s creating quite the buzz lately: SpiritDog Training. Wondering what sets it apart from the myriad of other courses?

Unique and detailed

First and foremost, SpiritDog isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. We’ve waded through countless courses, and what makes SpiritDog Training truly unique is its keen attention to your dog’s life stages and specific needs. It beautifully caters to:

  • Those early days with a New Puppy,
  • The sometimes challenging Adolescent Pup phase,
  • The gentle years of a Senior Dog, and
  • Situations where you have a Dog with Behavioral Issues.

Lots to Choose From

Navigate their extensive platform, and you’re met with a buffet of modules:

  • Puppy Training Essentials
  • Obedience Mastery
  • Achieving Perfection in Loose Leash Walks
  • Maintaining Focus in Distracting Situations
  • Addressing Reactivity Concerns
  • Overcoming Resource Guarding

… the offerings seem endless.

The cherry on top? Their contemporary, user-friendly website. Oh, and did I mention it’s also mobile-responsive? Training while you’re out and about just became second nature.

Masterclass Bundle

But there’s a particular gem that’s garnered significant attention: the SpiritDog Masterclass Bundle. Revered by many, this program stands as a testament to SpiritDog’s dedication to quality training. And for those craving community, the active forum is a goldmine. Engage with fellow dog enthusiasts, exchange stories, and find solutions to even the quirkiest of canine challenges.

Eager for a sneak peek? Venture into their vast collection of classes right here.

Many Satisfied Customers

Joining the ranks of over 50,000 satisfied dog trainers (us included!), SpiritDog Training boasts an impressive 4.8/5 average rating. Add to that a support team that genuinely cares, and you’ve got a winning combo.

Money-back Guarantee

What’s more reassuring? SpiritDog Training is so confident in their courses that they offer a bold 60-day Money-Back Guarantee. Dive in, and if it doesn’t resonate, your investment’s returned. No hassles. It was this very guarantee that won us over, and might just be the nudge you need.

Seeking a comprehensive, tried-and-tested, and holistic dog training guide? SpiritDog Training could be your answer.

2. K9 Training Institute

  • Comprehensive online dog training, workshops led by one of the most respected dog behaviorists in the U.S.

Dive into the world of canine communication, and you’ll stumble upon a game-changer. Ever heard of the K9 Training Institute (K9TI)? They’re stirring up quite the commotion in the realm of dog training. Imagine this: instead of relying solely on vocal commands, you’re unlocking a deeper connection using… body language.

Wait, body language for dogs? Exactly! Picture the intense bond service dogs share with their handlers. It’s not just words; it’s a dance of gestures and signals. Turns out, animal behavior science has bestowed upon us this nugget of wisdom: body language trumps voice in effectively training dogs.

Eager to dive deep? K9TI’s holistic course is a treasure trove. From that irksome barking to the perilous dash to the door, they’ve got it covered:

  • Persistent Barking
  • Leash Tugging
  • Playing Deaf to Calls
  • Over-enthusiastic Greetings
  • Sudden Door Dashes
  • Pursuing Cars and Wildlife
  • Indiscriminate Chewing
  • Unexpected Nips
  • Relentless Food Pleas
  • Convenient Command Ignorance

Who steers this ship, you ask? Enter Dr. Alexa Diaz, a titan in canine behavior, and Eric Presnall, star of Animal Planet’s ‘Who Let the Dogs Out.’ Their philosophy? A blend of soft, persuasive techniques to recalibrate how your furball thinks and reacts. They don’t preach dominance; they nurture understanding. This empowers your four-legged friend with a sense of purpose, paving the path for a contented existence.

And the best part? No need for PhDs in dog psychology. Just carve out 10-15 minutes daily, and soon, your pet will match strides with the best-trained service dogs. Intrigued? K9TI sweetens the deal with a sneak-peek – a free workshop. A glimpse of the magic you’d unlock in their Masterclass. 

Click on the button below to check out their Free Workshop.

3. Brain Training For Dogs

  • Best low cost and CPDT-KA certified dog trainer

In the sprawling realm of online canine training, have you stumbled upon “Brain Training for Dogs” yet? Picture this: an avenue that’s not just another online course, but rather a revolutionary experience that resonates deeply with genuine dog aficionados. That’s precisely the gem you’re about to discover. It isn’t merely the allure of its popularity or its cost-effectiveness that catches the eye; there’s an intricate depth to it.


Now, you might wonder, what sets it apart? Adrienne Farricalli, the mastermind behind it, isn’t just any trainer. She’s a CPDT-KA certified dog maestro, infusing her vast knowledge into this treasure. Through her guidance, you’re equipped with straightforward, humane techniques that address not just one, but a spectrum of behavioral challenges. And yes, while the written content is a beacon, the illustrative video demonstrations catapult understanding to another level, ensuring misbehaviors dissipate swiftly.

Lot’s of Support

But hold on, there’s a cherry on this cake! Among its myriad features, one truly shines: a private forum. Within this sanctuary, you can mingle, exchange tales, seek advice, or simply celebrate the joy of a well-behaved pup. It’s not just a forum; it’s a melting pot of collective wisdom and shared passion.

In essence, if you’re on the hunt for a holistic yet non-overwhelming method to mold your furry friend into an obedient companion, this course beckons. And it’s not mere speculation. Our team, seasoned with dog lovers, found it transformative. It wasn’t just a course for us; it was a paradigm shift. So, dive in. Let “Brain Training for Dogs” redefine your bond with your furry buddy, just as it did for us.

4. Dunbar Academy

  • Best low cost monthly membership, free basic course

Alright, imagine diving into a virtual realm where dog training isn’t just instructional – it’s a joyful journey. Enter the Dunbar Academy, a beacon crafted meticulously by Dr Ian Dunbar. Now, why should you lend your ear to them? Well, let’s just say, they aren’t just any instructors – they’ve grabbed the spotlight in media giants like Forbes, The New York Times, NPR, and Mashable, to name a few.

Let’s break it down for you. With over 100 hours of pre-recorded gems and a whopping 30-plus courses, every snippet you’ll encounter provides concise 5-10 minute instructions. It’s designed specifically for you, ensuring every second is worth your time. Yet, the marvel doesn’t end here.

Delving deeper, although they offer individual courses ranging from the intricate science behind dog training to specialized reactivity workshops, the real game-changers are their bundled offers:

Free course collection:

Yep, you heard that right. It’s absolutely free. This bundle bursts with guides, worksheets, and some fantastic courses. Dog breeding behavior? Check. Six-step solution to behavioral glitches? Double-check. Even if you’re a vet or shelter, there’s something in store for you.

Top Dog Academy:

At a mere $20 a month, this bundle isn’t just comprehensive; it’s a steal! Dive into an ocean of over 100 hours of content. Whether it’s the quintessential puppy training, the fun-filled games workshop, or addressing that aggressive streak in your furry friend, it’s all here.

The intricacies? Each stand-alone course ranges between $100 to $200. However, and here’s the trick, a $20 monthly membership opens the gateways to everything! Not only is it pocket-friendly, but the sheer value you get is unmatched – Q&A sessions with the Dunbars themselves, content-rich podcasts, and so much more.

A puppy training guarantee

But wait, there’s a cherry atop this cake – if within 30 days you feel this isn’t your cup of tea, they’re offering a money-back guarantee. No strings attached!

But here’s the catch, while the monthly membership screams value, the one-time course fee can be a bit hefty, going up to $200. Another hiccup? The video quality. Some recordings are reminiscent of older times and might not be everyone’s favorite. Moreover, for those wanting to download and dive in offline, that’s off the table with the subscription model.

So, who’s this for? If you’re someone willing to invest time, patience, and practice with your beloved canine, then this is your goldmine. But a word of caution, if your dog’s aggression teeters on the dangerous, perhaps consider an in-person professional session before diving into the Top Dog Academy.

Dunbar Academy

5. Brandon McMillan Masterclass

  • Great obedience training

Picture this: You’re on a mission to transform your unruly pup into an obedient companion. But where to start? Enter Brandon McMillan’s Masterclass. Not just any animal trainer, McMillan is an Emmy Award-winning maestro, orchestrating magic that helps folks like you attain dog obedience mastery with flair and ease.

Solid Communication

His signature style? A robust blend of commands, manners, and house training. These aren’t just any lessons; they are insights culled from years of expertise. And the cherry on top? Brandon’s knack for communicating. His crisp, clear videos coupled with eloquent instructions make dog training not just a chore, but a captivating journey.

Dive deeper, and you’ll find the course is fragmented into 15 video lessons. Whether prepping for a new canine addition or just starting on the dog-training voyage, these lessons act as your North Star. And if you’re skeptical, just a glance at the Class Trailer will enthrall you.

Direct approach

The beauty of Brandon’s teachings lies in its directness. Strip away the fluff, focus on the core, and what remains is pure, undiluted wisdom. Easily one of the most accessible online courses, it’s tailor-made for those seeking results.

Now, how do you access this goldmine? Simple. It’s all tucked away under a Masterclass Subscription, meticulously organized and waiting for your perusal. Worried about taking the leap? Fret not! With a 30-day Money-Back Guarantee, it’s a risk-free venture. But trust me, once you’ve tasted the magic of McMillan’s methods, there’s no turning back.

6. Fenzi Dog Sports Academy

  • Best for dog sports and agility

You’re passionate about competitive dog sports and you’re scouring the web for an impeccable online training school. Your quest ends with Fenzi Dog Sports Academy. Now, this isn’t just any academy; it’s a paradigm of excellence, blending innovation with top-tier dog sports training.

At the helm of this institution? The incomparable Denise Fenzi. Her prowess doesn’t just rest in her extensive background in varied dog sports. Oh no. It’s her unmatched ability to infuse motivation into her training methods that’s genuinely captivating. You can sense the fervor, the commitment, and the dedication in every course module. Intriguing, isn’t it?

Online dog training at its best

So, what’s the real scoop about Fenzi Dog Sports Academy from someone who’s walked that path? In a nutshell: a transformative experience. Their online agility training doesn’t just tick boxes. It’s immersive. It’s enlightening. And most of all, it’s fun, making both you and your furry pal crave for more.

If there’s a crescendo in the symphony of online dog training platforms, Fenzi sits right at its zenith. So, if you’re on the fence about where to invest your time and energy for top-notch dog sports training, let this be your sign. Dive into Fenzi Dog Sports Academy. It’s more than just an academy; it’s a journey. One that promises unparalleled engagement, rewards, and a splash of adventure.

7. Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution

  • Basic obedience or puppy training, great video series

Who is Zak George?

Regarding qualifications, Zak seems to dance to the same tune as many renowned dog training groups. However, a deeper dive reveals a lack of any standout credentials or formal education in the field. Intriguing, right?

Puppy training at its best

So, what makes his content magnetic? For starters, Zak’s videos are masterfully tailored for YouTube. They’re sliced into digestible chunks, making complex training tactics seem like a breeze. And oh, his energy! Overflowing charisma, an ever-present smile, and a foundation built on positive reinforcement. It’s no wonder he’s skyrocketed in popularity, pushing the message of affirmative dog training to the masses. And that’s a feat worth applauding.

Yet, every coin has two sides. In our opinion, a closer look at some videos, especially those addressing behavior modification, rings alarm bells. The missing safety nets in aggression-related cases are concerning. Seeking his advice for such sensitive matters? Perhaps think twice. Additionally, his exuberant YouTube persona might be a tad too flamboyant for some. The dramatic flair and frequent plugs for his dog food line sometimes overshadow the core training content. A bit perplexing for an educational channel, don’t you think?

In a nutshell? If it’s basic obedience or puppy training you’re after, Zak’s your guy. But for intricate behavior modifications, especially aggression-linked issues, you might want to explore other avenues.

8. All Day Dog Adventures

  • Great variety, best for scent tracking

If you’re craving a dog training experience that ventures beyond the usual, check out All Day Dog Adventures.

Nestled in the vast landscapes of Montana, this training haven isn’t your ordinary online platform. Imagine diving deep into tailored courses, all at your pace. The twist? Personalized interactions with certified trainers through the magic of Zoom. Intrigued yet?

Sure, they serve up the classic puppy tutorials and foundational drills. However, ever thought of immersing in scent training? They’ve got you. But the real treasure? Their one-on-one consultations. Whatever the quirks or commands you’re grappling with, their trainers stand ready to unravel the mystery with you.

Regarding the investment, here’s the scoop: Courses begin at a modest $100. Typically, these span across four to six weekly sessions. And hold onto your leash! The horizon holds promise as they gear up to introduce therapy dog training and a plethora of captivating subjects.

9. Training Positive with Tab Shamsi

  • Great for basic obedience, puppy training and trick training

Tab Shamsi’s “Training Positive” is a solid dog trainer on YouTube, with that perfect blend of expertise and entertainment.

Diving into his qualifications, Tab’s background may echo Zak George’s. The big mystery? Like Zak, Tab doesn’t flash any shiny credentials or boast professional affiliations. Still, don’t let that deter you. His techniques? Top-tier. And they harmoniously sync with the contemporary science of learning theory. Intriguing, isn’t it?

YouTube online dog training

Here’s the deal: Unlike Zak’s whirlwind energy, Tab exudes a grounded aura. It’s refreshing! Watching him feels like a calm breeze rather than a tornado. He possesses a knack for deconstructing complex training maneuvers into bite-sized, comprehensible bits. Confession time: Of all YouTube trainers, Tab’s the sole one I’ve leaned on to teach my furry pal a nifty trick. Others? Mainly for showcasing to clients.

However, a slight wrinkle in the fabric. Tab’s online presence is a bit elusive, especially regarding his training background. Sure, for tricks and basic commands, it might not raise an eyebrow. Yet, when diving into behavior modification, credentials suddenly hold weight. Viewing-wise, if you’re craving that classic YouTube zest, Tab might appear subdued compared to the likes of Zak.

In essence? If your checklist includes basic obedience, puppy drills, dog sports, or tricks, Tab’s your go-to. But, should you grapple with issues like aggression or anxiety, you might want to expand your search.

10. Dogmantics/Kikopup

  • Good membership program

Ever stumbled upon Kikopup” on YouTube, set against the sunny backdrop of San Diego? Dive into Emily Larlham’s realm. Bursting with expertise, she transforms typical canine training into a cinematic adventure. Although her channel brims with insightful snippets, trust me, there’s more under the surface. To truly unlock her secrets, consider a detour to Dogmantics, her official platform.

Now, picture this: Every week, Emily unwraps new videos, intriguingly focusing on themes ranging from playful tricks to honing puppy manners. And if the leash dance with your fur buddy feels like tug-of-war, there’s an entire course dedicated to perfecting that graceful leash stride. Curious about her training magic? She dubs it “progressive reinforcement”. Essentially, it’s a humane touch, devoid of intimidating your loyal companion.

The cost

In terms of investment, here’s a tantalizing fact. Membership tiers hover between $29 to $49. Craving more? Venture into her a la carte treasure trove, brimming with diverse topics. Moreover, she’s magnanimously scattered free gems and multilingual content to feed your curiosity.

So, what makes Emily’s approach sing? Firstly, her knack for training a pack, showcasing harmonious multi-dog tutorials, remains unparalleled. Her trick sessions? Simply dazzling. However, if you’re chasing after shiny, adrenaline-pumped content, this might not be your cup of tea.

Credentials-wise, while formal badges might elude her, Emily’s methods are firmly rooted in science and trust-building. She champions a bond with your dog that’s forged in understanding and kindness.

In conclusion, if you’re on a quest for mastering tricks, nurturing a deeper bond, or navigating behavioral quirks, Emily’s your go-to guru. For more intricate behavioral challenges or a flashy video vibe, perhaps look elsewhere.

11. Holly & Hugo

  • Best for how to look after your pooch & training

Ever felt the urge to become a dog whisperer of sorts? Dive deep into Holly & Hugo‘s realm, and you’ll find they’re not just another online platform. They’re your gateway to mastering canine compassion and care.

Nurturing Compassion and Skills

At the heart of their offerings lies a core tenet: compassionate training. They don’t just coach; they sculpt a unique bond between you and your furry friend. And, as you immerse yourself, expect:

  • A fresh take on modern dog-training techniques.
  • Insights to deepen and redefine your bond with your pup.

More than Training: A Dog’s Life Handbook

Venture beyond basic training. Holly & Hugo offers a treasure of knowledge on living the dog-parent dream:

  • Safety and Emergency: Master Pet First Aid & CPR.
  • Understand Their Mind: Dive into Animal Psychology.
  • Aesthetic Matters: Discover the Guide to Dog Grooming.
  • Physical Care: Embrace Physical Therapy techniques.
  • Building Bonds: Grasp Dog Socialization.
  • Adding to the Family: Navigate Pet Adoption.
  • Golden Years Care: Tips on Caring for Senior Dogs.

Why Choose Holly & Hugo?

Apart from their rich content, there’s a security blanket too. Unsure about a course? Their 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee ensures you’re not diving into uncharted waters without a safety net.

In essence, Holly & Hugo aren’t just shaping dog trainers. They’re curating dog lovers, fostering a community where each tail wag, each bark, echoes love, trust, and understanding.

12. Dogsthat.com

  • Great traditional home trainer

Looking for genuine, heartwarming advice with a dash of fun in dog training? Delve into Dogsthat.com, where homely wisdom meets professional expertise.

Reinventing Dog Training

When you step into Dogsthat.com’s world, you’re not just training. You’re embarking on a memorable journey:

  • Heartfelt Methods: Experience dog training intertwined with fun and bolstered by positive reinforcement.
  • Professional Essence: Trust their methods, honed over decades, promoting 100% positive reinforcement. No gimmicks, just genuine connection.
  • Empower Your Canine: More than just commands, enable your dog to think, decide, and act confidently without a nudge or treat.

Dive into Their Offerings

Their platform? It’s more than just lessons. It’s an experience:

  • Interactive games sparking curiosity.
  • Video tutorials that simplify complexity.
  • Recorded coaching, guiding you every wag of the tail.
  • And yes, a bustling community awaits, full of fellow dog aficionados.

Why Choose Dogsthat.com?

It’s simple. They don’t just train; they create stories. Through their platform, not only will the bond with your furball grow, but their ability to think, decide, and act independently flourishes. With Dogsthat.com, every bark, every leap, every playful chase carries a story of trust, understanding, and undying love.

13. Peach on a Leash

  • Best bespoke training, very customizable

Dive deep into the world of Peach on a Leash, nestled in Alpharetta, Georgia. But wait, geography won’t limit you; their digital footprint means you can tap into their expertise from anywhere!

Tailored for You and Your Pooch

  • Virtual Yet Personal: Engage with accredited trainers and behaviorists, all from your living room.
  • Customizable Journey: Adapt the course to fit your dog’s unique quirks. From chasing their tail to politely awaiting treats, mold the lessons as you see fit.
  • After-Session Support: Struggling post-lesson? Fret not. Their trainers are there, a call or an email away, ensuring you never feel stranded.

What’s on the Menu?

  • Novice pup behavior training: Starting fresh? Lay the foundations right.
  • Mature dog manners & obedience: For the seasoned woofers, refinement is the game.

Affordable & Adaptable Packages

  • Starting at roughly $379, explore an array of plans, each tailored to you.
  • Local to Alpharetta? Begin virtually and seamlessly transition to face-to-face sessions when you’re ready.

With Peach on a Leash, it’s more than training. It’s a transformative journey, ensuring every “sit,” “stay,” or playful jump aligns with your vision. Dive in and craft a tale of harmony with your four-legged buddy.

14. GoodPup

  • Top choice for a one to one training experience

Dive headfirst into GoodPup, an elite portal transforming dog training experiences. Gone are the days of group sessions; this platform breathes individuality.

At-Home Intensity

  • Personal Touch: Harness the power of 1-on-1 video calls, set within your dog’s territory. Watch as your furry friend thrives, learning rapidly in familiar nooks.
  • Malleable Schedule: Your week is unpredictable? Perfect! With GoodPup, you steer the course. Reschedule, halt, or pivot topics—whatever your heart desires.

Round-the-Clock Support & Learning

  • Instant Trainer Connect: Got a pressing query? Don’t wait. Message your trainer, their squad, even their vet team. They’re at your beck and call.
  • Swift Learning Guides: Embrace the charm of zesty, illustrated tools. You’ll grasp concepts faster than you’d think!

Uncompromised Quality and Ethos

Rooted in scientific, humane methodologies, every training nugget has the seal of approval from the American Veterinary Medical Association. Your pup’s well-being? Non-negotiable.

Elevate your training journey. With GoodPup, you don’t just get lessons; you embark on a tailored, expert-driven odyssey. And the destination? A harmonious bond with your canine companion.

15. Petco

  • Group & private online sessions

More Than Just Pet Goods

You might have thought of Petco just as your go-to for fetching pet supplies. But did you ever feel that electric buzz, that mysterious pull towards something more? Read on.

Online Canine Mastery

  • Beyond the Aisles: Yes, those familiar in-store sessions have a digital twin now. Petco’s spread its wings into the online realm, awaiting your arrival.
  • For the Pups: With their ‘Puppy Basics’ initiative, those cute furballs are in for some fun! From mastering the art of potty etiquettes to that exciting game of ‘come when called’, it’s an adventure.
  • The Mature Canines: Their ‘Adult Basics’ isn’t just basics. Imagine your older fur-friend seamlessly mingling with strangers or gallantly navigating those unfamiliar alleyways.

Why Zoom in with Petco?

Petco’s online dog courses are conducted via Zoom for:

Convenience: Tune in from that cozy couch corner with your pup, fostering bonds, creating memories.

Affordability: Quality doesn’t always come with a hefty price tag. At Petco, experience top-tier training without breaking the bank.

So, ready to embark on this unexpected journey with Petco? Quality, affordability, convenience—it’s a trifecta!

Do Online Dog Training Courses Actually Work?

Ah, the age-old question in our digital era: Can you truly teach an old dog new tricks through a screen? As someone submerged in the world of dog training, I’ve witnessed the wave of the best online dog training courses surging in popularity. Yet, the crux of the matter isn’t whether they work; it’s about finding the one tailored to your pup’s needs.

Dive into the web, and you’re instantly bombarded with myriad courses, all flaunting testimonials of well-behaved dogs and relieved owners. Now, here’s where perplexity kicks in. How do you navigate this maze? How do you identify which of these is genuinely among the best online dog training courses, and not just marketing fluff?

Trainer’s Pedigree

Firstly, consider the trainer’s pedigree. A reputable course should have a proven expert at its helm. Think decades of experience, accreditations, and perhaps involvement in training for specialized roles such as police or military canines. Their expertise should shine, not just in delivering training but in explaining the rationale behind every technique.

Course Content

Next, delve into the course content. A top-tier course won’t merely throw a mishmash of videos your way. Instead, it provides a structured pathway, easing your dog from basics to advanced skills. Every lesson should cater to varied temperaments, ensuring even the most stubborn or spirited pup has a fighting chance.


Interactive support is crucial. While it’s online, the course shouldn’t leave you stranded in the digital abyss. The best ones foster a community. They’ll offer forums, live Q&A sessions, or even personal consults, ensuring every challenge you face is addressed.

Trust Your Gut

Lastly, trust your gut. Skim through reviews, perhaps even reach out to past participants. Gauge if it aligns with your dog’s nature and your learning style. Remember, the best online dog training courses are those that resonate with you and promise a journey, not just an endpoint.

So, do online dog training courses work? Absolutely! But, akin to finding the perfect dog breed for your family, it’s all about matchmaking. Your commitment, paired with the right course, can craft wonders in canine comportment. Choose with care.

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7 Tips for Training Your Dog at Home

In today’s digital world, harnessing the magic of the internet to train your canine companion is increasingly popular. You’re pondering home training, aren’t you? Do you feel a tad overwhelmed? Fret not! With the right tools and some of the best online dog training courses at your disposal, success is within paw’s reach.

1. Consistent Commands:

Imagine if “stop” meant “go” every alternate day! Confusing, right? Similarly, dogs thrive on consistency. Use the same words and tone for commands. By doing this, your dog will quickly grasp and respond to your directives.

2. Establish a Routine:

Dogs are creatures of habit. Feed, play, and train them at similar times every day. This not only provides a sense of security but also makes training sessions more effective. Remember, unpredictability can be a source of anxiety for pets.

3. Reward Promptly:

Rewarded behavior is repeated behavior. When your dog follows a command, immediately praise or treat them. This instant reward reinforces positive behavior. Pro tip? Consider exploring the best online dog training courses to identify effective rewarding techniques.

4. Limit Distractions:

Your home is a hub of activity, isn’t it? However, during training sessions, ensure minimal distractions. Start in a quiet room. As your pup masters commands, gradually introduce distractions, preparing them for real-world scenarios.

5. Short & Sweet Sessions:

Ever tried cramming the night before an exam? Exhausting and inefficient! Similarly, keep training sessions short – 10 to 15 minutes. Multiple short sessions are better than one prolonged one, preventing both you and your dog from feeling overwhelmed.

6. Stay Patient and Positive:

Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Nor will your dog become a training prodigy overnight. Stay patient. Celebrate small victories. A positive attitude goes a long way in ensuring the training is an enjoyable experience for both.

7. Continuous Learning:

The world of dog training is vast and evolving. Occasionally, dive into the best online dog training courses to update your knowledge. After all, continuous learning is the key to becoming a maestro at home-based dog training.

In a nutshell, with the right approach and a sprinkle of perseverance, training your dog at home can be a rewarding experience. Turn challenges into bonding moments and let the training journey strengthen the bond between you and your furball.

How Long Does it Take To Train a Dog Online?

The digital age has seen a surge in online dog training, hasn’t it? But you’re scratching your head, wondering, “How long will it take to see my dog’s progress?” Dive in, and let’s unravel this perplexing mystery.

For starters, it’s like asking how long is a piece of string? It varies. Dogs, much like humans, have unique personalities and learning curves. Some grasp commands in a flash, while others take a wee bit longer. However, the effectiveness often circles back to the quality of your training resource. That’s right! Investing in the best online dog training courses can significantly speed up the process.

Imagine training with inconsistency and poorly explained methods. Time-consuming, right? On the flip side, structured, expert-driven courses streamline the process. So, while some pups might grasp basics in a few weeks, others could take a couple of months. The trick lies in being patient and consistent.

One thing’s for sure: Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your canine won’t morph into a disciplined furball overnight. However, with dedication and the best online dog training courses at your fingertips, the journey becomes smoother, and success? Inevitably closer.

Online Dog Training Courses vs Private In-Person Dog Trainer

Picture this: you’re torn, standing at the crossroads of online dog training and in-person expertise. Each pathway whispers its unique merits. Which direction should your furry companion embark on? Dive in, let’s unravel this conundrum together.


Online courses offer flexibility that’s hard to ignore. Life’s chaotic rhythm doesn’t always align with a trainer’s schedule. But the best online dog training courses? They dance to your beat, letting you train your pooch during those quiet midnight hours or early dawn breaks. No need to synchronize calendars; you set the pace.


Cost is another show-stopper. Hiring an in-person trainer could burn a hole in your pocket, while many top-tier online courses cost just a fraction. True, face-to-face sessions have their charm, but is the price tag justifiable for everyone? Not always.


Ah, but how about expertise? Sure, finding a reputable local trainer feels like hunting for a needle in a haystack. The world is littered with self-proclaimed “experts.” But dive into the realm of the best online dog training courses, and you’re often met with accredited professionals, brimming with knowledge and testimonies to back their claims.

However, let’s not paint an entirely rosy picture. In-person training offers hands-on correction, personalized feedback, and instant responses. It’s undeniably invaluable. Yet, with technology’s evolution, many online platforms now offer real-time interactions, bridging that once wide gap.

In essence, while the traditional route of private trainers has its gold standard allure, online courses are racing up, challenging the status quo. In an age where cost and convenience jostle for priority, the best online dog training courses often emerge as the dark horse, providing quality training without the hefty price tag or geographical constraints.

Conclusion: Best Online Dog Training Courses

Diving Deep into the Canine Digital Frontier

Navigating the intricate maze of online dog training options is a lot like taking your pup for a walk in a new park; every corner offers a burst of thrilling unpredictability. With the digital boom, it’s not just humans evolving – the entire landscape of canine training is reshaping itself. My extensive background, training countless dogs for varied fields, has honed my skill to differentiate between fluff and gold. So, let’s unravel the essence of selecting the best online dog training course for you.

The Virtual Assurance

  • Overwhelming? Yes, but Exciting!: Feel those heartbeats rising when confronted with countless online courses? See it as a treasure trove waiting to be explored.
  • Reassurance in Refunds: Ever stumbled upon that money-back guarantee tag? It’s not just marketing. More often than not, it’s a reflection of the course provider’s unwavering faith in the quality they offer.

Dive in with Confidence

Venturing into online training means stepping into a realm where trainers stretch their geographical boundaries to instill discipline, nurture bonds, and elevate dog behavior, all from a screen. Trust in courses that aren’t afraid to back their claims with concrete assurances.

Your dog’s training isn’t just about commands; it’s about building a lifelong bond, understanding each whimper, each tail wag, and the subtle shifts in behavior. Harnessing my expertise and combining it with top-tier online courses means you’re poised for success.

In the grand tapestry of dog training, remember this: opt for a course that not only educates your dog but also educates you, the owner. Because, in the end, it’s a shared journey.

FAQ: Best Online Dog Training Courses

What are the best online dog training courses?

The best online dog training courses provide a blend of expert knowledge, interactive learning, and adaptability to individual dogs’ needs. Renowned platforms like Dogsthat.com, GoodPup, and Petco’s online segments are industry game-changers. Their courses encompass practical demonstrations, written guides, and, in some cases, live sessions with professionals.

What is the best training method for dogs?

Undoubtedly, positive reinforcement stands supreme. In my extensive training journey, dogs always respond best when rewarded for good behavior rather than punished for unwanted actions. This method promotes trust, fosters a stronger bond, and renders long-term behavioral benefits.

What is the best age to start dog training classes?

Starting at 8 weeks is ideal. Young pups absorb information like sponges, making foundational training smoother. However, older dogs can still learn; it might just require extra patience.

Are dog training apps worth it?

Certainly! While not a full substitute for comprehensive courses, apps are excellent supplementary tools. They offer convenience, usually featuring quick tips, tracking mechanisms, and direct connections to experts.

What is the hardest thing to train a dog to do?

From my experience, off-leash recall amidst high distractions tops the list. Achieving dependable recall requires consistent training, solid bond-building, and absolute trust between you and your canine.

How do I show my dog I am the Alpha?

Establishing dominance isn’t about intimidation. It’s about setting boundaries, consistent training, and offering controlled resources (like food and toys). Dogs respect calm, assertive energy, not aggression.

What is the 1 2 3 dog training method?

It’s a counting method. Command your dog (e.g., “sit”), wait three seconds, if they don’t comply, time-out. Repeat until they follow within the three-second frame. It emphasizes patience and consistency.

What is the rule of 5 in dog training?

This rule suggests exposing a pup to five new environments, people, or experiences every week. It aids in molding a well-adjusted, sociable adult dog.

What are the 3 P’s of dog training?

Patience, Persistence, and Positivity. Master these, and training becomes an enriching experience rather than a chore.

What are the four D’s in dog training?

Duration, Distance, Distraction, and Diversity. Essentially, these represent increasing challenges in commands. For instance, asking your dog to “stay” for longer (duration), from farther away (distance), amidst distractions, and in diverse environments.

What age is a dog hardest to train?

Teenage pups, around 6-18 months, can be challenging. Just like human teenagers, they push boundaries. But with perseverance, they’ll come around.

What is the number one easiest dog to train?

Border Collies often steal this title. Their intelligence and eagerness to please make them top contenders in the best online dog training courses and traditional settings.

Can a bad dog be trained?

No dog is inherently “bad”. With dedication, patience, and the right methods, even the most challenging dogs can be transformed.

What is the 90 10 rule dog?

Train with 90% positive reinforcement and 10% correction. This balanced approach keeps dogs motivated and accountable.

What is the 7 7 7 rule for dogs?

The 7-7-7 rule is a guideline for socializing puppies during their crucial developmental stages. By the time a puppy is seven weeks old, it should have:

  • Experienced seven different surfaces (like grass, wood, carpet, etc.)
  • Interacted with seven different types of objects (toys, household items, etc.)
  • Been exposed to seven different locations (garden, living room, different rooms in the house)
  • Met and interacted with seven new people
  • Encountered seven challenges (like climbing stairs or hearing loud noises)
  • Eaten from at least 7 different containers
  • Been taken somewhere alone, without mom or pup siblings, at least 7 times

This rule emphasizes the importance of diverse experiences in a puppy’s formative weeks, helping to shape a confident, adaptable adult dog.

What is the 10% rule dogs?

Only increase training difficulty by 10% at a time. Avoid overwhelming your pet by progressively enhancing challenges.

How do you tell if your dog is dominant over you?

Watch for signs like resource guarding, ignoring commands, or unsolicited herding. Such behaviors imply they see themselves as leaders.

How do you know if your dog respects you?

A respecting dog makes eye contact, listens to commands, and checks in with you, especially in unfamiliar territories.

How do I establish dominance with my dog?

Set rules, be consistent in enforcing them, and ensure they earn rewards. It’s about mutual respect, not fear.

Why should I opt for online dog training instead of traditional methods?

Online training offers flexibility, a plethora of resources, and the comfort of your home. For many, especially in today’s digital age, it’s the ideal blend of convenience and efficacy.

How long does it typically take to see results from online training?

Within weeks, with consistent application, you’ll notice improvements. However, cementing behaviors takes longer, sometimes months.

Are online dog training courses suitable for all breeds?

Absolutely! The best part about online dog training courses is their versatility. With ample resources, every breed finds its fit.

Can I train an older dog using online platforms?

Of course. “Old dogs can’t learn new tricks” is a myth. Age might slow them down, but it doesn’t cap their learning.

How do I ensure the program I choose is credible and effective?

Check credentials, reviews, and preferably, opt for courses offering money-back guarantees. It’s a hallmark of confidence in their content.

Are there any risks associated with online dog training?

The main risk is misinformation. Hence, always select renowned platforms with authenticated trainers.

How do online dog training programs address aggressive behaviors?

Quality courses offer tailored modules for aggression. They dive deep into root causes, behavioral cues, and safe, effective remedies.

Can I get a refund if the online training doesn’t work for my dog?

Most top-tier platforms offer refunds. However, ensure you read their policy before investing.

How much time should I dedicate daily for the most effective training?

At least 30 minutes. Consistency is key. Regular, shorter sessions trump occasional, lengthy ones.

Can I reach out to trainers directly in case of queries or concerns?

Yes, many online platforms encourage direct interactions, ensuring you’re never lost in your training journey.

What are the The 5 Golden Rules Of Dog Training?

The 5 Golden Rules of Dog Training are fundamental principles designed to cultivate a healthy, harmonious relationship between you and your canine companion. They focus on establishing trust, leadership, and consistency:

  1. Establish Leadership: Every pack has a leader, and in the home setting, you need to be that leader. This doesn’t mean being aggressive or harsh, but consistently showing that you’re the decision-maker. This can be reinforced by controlling resources, like food, toys, and treats.
  2. Be Consistent: Dogs thrive on predictability. Ensure that you’re consistent with your commands, rewards, and consequences. If jumping on the couch is forbidden today, it should be tomorrow too. Consistency helps your dog understand and predict your reactions, fostering trust.
  3. Use Positive Reinforcement: Rewarding good behavior is more effective than punishing bad behavior. Use treats, praises, or toys to reward your dog when they obey commands or exhibit desired behaviors. This encourages them to repeat those behaviors in the future.
  4. Train in Short, Frequent Sessions: Dogs, especially puppies, have short attention spans. Instead of lengthy training sessions, opt for shorter, more frequent sessions to keep them engaged and make the training more effective.
  5. Understand Canine Body Language: Pay attention to your dog’s body language to understand their feelings and needs. Recognizing signs of stress, discomfort, or anxiety can help you adjust your training techniques and ensure that your dog feels safe and understood.

Read our post explaining The 5 Golden Rules of Dog Training in detail.