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Meet the Team

An accredited dog trainer with 35 years under his belt, is the proud owner of a dynamic canine trio: a spirited Shih Tzu, a loyal Golden Retriever, and an energetic Border Collie. When not adventuring on family camping holidays with his furry entourage, he’s spoiling his Ragdoll cat every way he can. Read more from Roger in our Dog Care Guides.

Our feline aficionado for 23 years, expertly grooms and cherishes her American Shorthair and regal white Persian. Amidst the hustle of city living, their poised personalities provide purr-fect serenity in her urban apartment. Dive into Nat’s feline world in our Cat Care Guides.

Enchanted by aquatic realms, Fiona tends two mesmerizing aquariums: a vibrant tropical haven and a majestic saltwater expanse. With each bubble and finned dance, she’s transported to an underwater odyssey, and she invites you to dive deep into her aquatic tales in our Fish Care Guides.

With over four decades as an avian aficionado, Bob’s passion took flight amidst the melodic trills of his mother’s canary and his childhood budgies. His love soared from finches to the captivating charm of parrots in his early years. Preferring the symphony of nature over indoor silence, Bob has become the go-to whisperer for teaching African Grey parrots to converse. When he isn’t outside, he’s amplifying the voices of our feathered friends in our Bird Care Guides.

James Bird, an adventurer at heart, breathes the outdoors, whether camping with his inseparable German Shepherd and Beagle duo or sailing azure waters. From the lively chirps in his backyard aviary to the vibrant sways in his partner Michelle’s aquarium, nature’s chorus inspires his tales. Once a university writer hustling through online publications, James now crafts captivating stories for PetEssentials.Guide. 🍃🐕🐟🖋️